House Rules

Drama Gems
Each player begins with 1 Drama Gem at character creation. They may earn additional gems through backstory creation, roleplay (especially if it involves a sacrifice or a definite hindrance to the character), making the GM laugh uproariously, or just at the GM’s whim. These gems may be redeemed as a free action to allow the character to intervene or assist in any way that is within reason. For example, if an adjacent opponent has just confirmed a critical hit against an ally, the player may redeem the gem to foul their aim, causing them to reroll their initial attack. Or, if a player performs poorly on a given skill check, another player may redeem a drama gem to shout encouragement, granting them a circumstance bonus to the roll. These uses are subject to the GM’s ruling, and must make logical sense in game. What’s more, they must be played out as a character’s action in-game, not an out of game action performed by the player.

Leaning/Fallen Dice
Reroll. This should go without saying, but I’ve had players throw hissyfits in the past.

1d3 =/= 1d4-1
Instead, either use an actual d3, or use 1d6/2, rounded up.

Missed Sessions
If you miss a session or have to leave early, you may give me your character sheet. I’ll play your character in combat, roll for necessary skills, etc. I will not roleplay them unless absolutely necessary. If you don’t give me your sheet, your character will not participate in the session. It is up to you to get me the character sheet.

Because this is such an unusually large group, quorum is 4 players (roughly 2/3 of the group). As long as we have at least 4 players, we’ll play!

Last Words
(Stolen blatantly from Darths & Droids) “If a character’s death is inevitable (or indeed has already ‘happened’) ,they are granted license to utter ‘dramatic last words’. They can’t materially affect the game, but they can provide a satisfying moment of revelation, drama, or mystery, which adds to the group experience.” If the last words are sufficiently epic, there is a (very small) chance that an item on their person may become an Attuned Epic Item, and/or I may grant the player a Drama Gem for effective roleplay.

Initiative Ties
If two PCs tie for Initiative, they may decide (quickly) who goes first. If they do not decide (or if they take too long), the character with the higher Initiative modifier goes first. If that is tied, go with Dex modifier. If that is tied, the GM will be frustrated, and will decide for them. It is up to the GM whether or not they are petty about this and take it out on the players. Serves them right.
If one or more PCs tie with an NPC or enemy, the PCs go first.

Survival in place of Perception
If you have Survival as a class skill, there are some situations that MAY allow you to use it in place of Perception. This will be at the GM’s discretion. If you think it applies to you, ask me. I’ll make a decision on the spot.

Force Damage “Push”
Magic Missile and other spells/abilities that deal force damage can be used for other effects, such as pushing items away. That was their original intent, way back in 1st edition D&D. However, if you’re using them to knock items around, there’s a good chance that they’ll deal damage to the item. So don’t try it with the magical world-saving MacGuffin.

New uses for old spells, abilities, feats, skills, etc.
I like to reward ingenuity and invention. If you come up with an alternate use for an existing spell, ability, feat, etc, tell me. If it’s plausible, I’ll probably allow it and come up with new rules or mechanics on the spot if necessary. Just understand that I’m somewhat of a sadist, so it may also backfire hilariously if it fails. Schadenfreude is always fun!

House Rules

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